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Artificial Intelligence – a game-changer

There is a lot of interest regarding artificial intelligence (AI) nowadays. The sheer intelligence of machines that try to perform what humans do is amazing. Now, with the availability of a huge amount of data, AI is becoming a game-changer. From being a branch of computer science, AI has advanced a lot and is making its presence felt in several industries. Whether it is your daily web search or online shopping or the recently-gaining-momentum smart homes and cybersecurity, AI is creating ripples. AI is also used to fight against COVID-19 through its assistance to the government and the health community workers. By understanding the importance of AI, RVP Infosystems Best artificial intelligence training institute in Chennai - has come up with a well-framed course in this interesting and in-demand technology. 

Scope of artificial intelligence 

One cannot deny that the last two decades have witnessed a momentous growth in artificial intelligence. There are some limitations to human abilities, and AI has worked on it beautifully in the past two decades. The outcome of a decision is one of the main concerns of a business, and AI has a great impact on the correctness of the results. In India, we can say that Artificial intelligence training is slowly creating a strong foundation in various sectors including healthcare, transport, education, agriculture, etc. 

Why RVP Infosystems?

Human beings have started realizing the potential of AI, and RVP Infosystems has realized it at the right time. We have assessed the scope and future of the artificial intelligence course. We know that the demand for AI professionals is growing in leaps and bounds, and hence we have developed a well-designed course in artificial intelligence. The course contains all the points relevant to artificial intelligence. The student can be confident in the domain of artificial intelligence after getting trained by us because we provide real-time proficiency in different sections of the course. 

The trainer clears all the doubts of the students, and the syllabus is comprehensive as well as according to industry standard. Working professionals can gain profound insight into the essentials of artificial intelligence so that they can make use of this insight in their work. The training can also be highly personalized because we give priority to our students’ sharpening of knowledge. The demo session is free, and you get an idea of what are the contents of the training during the demo. 

We are very determined to not teaching only theory but also demonstrate interactive practical sessions to the students. Students who want to carve a niche in the field of modern technology will find learning artificial intelligence from us a highly enriching experience. After getting training from our institute, you will have in-depth knowledge of the application of artificial intelligence in businesses that work mostly with a huge amount of data. 

We understand the difficulties of students in getting a job. This is a competitive scenario, and everyone, whether fresher or experienced, is striving to do his/her best in the profession. We remove the apprehensions of the students, sharpen their skills as well as mould their personality. We do this through our in-depth knowledge of the industry. 

At present, there is a dearth of resources that possess the knowledge and skills to look after advanced technologies within their organizations. There is a shortage of well-trained professionals who can take care of the path that AI is leading. RVP Infosystems is the best Artificial intelligence training institute in Chennai that understands this shortage and prepares the candidate for a fulfilling career in AI. 

Who can take up AI training in Chennai?

Are you thinking about which role you can take after taking artificial intelligence training from RVP Infosystems? The AI training in Chennai can be taken up by software professionals who want to make a great career. Even a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology will help you to take up an entry-level AI job, in addition to the training from RVP Infosystems. You can work as a data analyst, data analytics engineer, data scientist, big data architect, machine learning engineer, business intelligence developer, research scientists, AI engineer, etc. 


Prerequisites for AI training

  • Possessing a knack for coding

  • Fair knowledge of statistics, calculus, algorithms, linear algebra

If you are keen on making a mark in your job through artificial intelligence, then why don’t you call us for a demo session? 




Data science modules:

  • pandas

  • numpy

  • scipy

  • matplotlib

Python Data Processing

  • Python Data Operations

  • Python Data cleansing

  • Python Processing CSV Data

  • Python Processing JSON Data

  • Python Processing XLS Data

  • Python Relational databases

  • Python NoSQL Databases

  • Python Date and Time

  • Python Data Wrangling

  • Python Data Aggregation

  • Python Reading HTML Pages

  • Python Processing Unstructured Data

  • Python word tokenization

  • Python Stemming and Lemmatization

Python Data Visualization

  • Python Chart Properties

  • Python Chart Styling

  • Python Box Plots

  • Python Heat Maps

  • Python Scatter Plots

  • Python Bubble Charts

  • Python 3D Charts

  • Python Time Series

  • Python Geographical Data

  • Python Graph Data

Statistical Data Analysis

  • Python Measuring Central Tendency

  • Python Measuring Variance

  • Python Normal Distribution

  • Python Binomial Distribution

  • Python Poisson Distribution

  • Python Bernoulli Distribution

  • Python P-Value

  • Python Correlation

  • Python Chi-square Test

  • Python Linear Regression


Machine learning syllabus:(using python)


  • What is Machine Learning?

  •  Machine Learning vs. Traditional Programming

  •  How does machine learning work?

  •  Machine learning Algorithms and where they are used?

  •  How to choose Machine Learning Algorithm

  •  Challenges and Limitations of Machine learning

  •  Application of Machine learning

  •  Why is machine learning important?

Python libraries:

  •  scikit

supervised learning(algorithm implementation with scikit):

  •  Linear regression

  •  Logistic regression

  •  Decision tree

  •  Naive Bayes

  •  Support vector machine

  •  Random forest

  •  AdaBoost

  •  Gradient-boosting trees

Unsupervised learning

  •  K-means clustering

  •  Gaussian mixture model

  •  Hierarchical clustering

  •  Recommender system

  •  PCA/T-SNE