Best Advanced Excel Training in Chennai

Microsoft Excel is still commonly used software for financial analysis and maintaining and organizing data. With the help of Microsoft Excel, users can calculate, maintain, visualize, organize and assess data. Learning of advanced Excel skills can make the employees present their skills efficiently. If you want to advance in your career, you must have the mindset to sharpen your skills continuously. At RVP Infosystems, we concentrate on essential skills in Excel that are needed for shining in your organization. Whether it is creating equations or designing spreadsheets or maintaining complex financial transactions, Excel is a powerful tool. Microsoft Excel forms part of the whole ecosystem of Microsoft 365 which includes Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint besides Excel. The best advanced Excel course in Chennai understands the importance of advanced Excel skills in the present scenario and hence mould you into a proficient candidate.

Why advanced Excel training in Chennai?

Several organizations rely on Excel for internal communication, project management, etc. One of the major advantages of Excel is that you can program your command and hence perform the work diligently. This helps the avoidance of repetition and setting aside time for more important tasks. If you are better able in your Advanced Excel skills, you will be an asset to the organization.

A spreadsheet is the main working force behind Excel software, and you will know how to handle it efficiently through RVP Infosystems. Apart from spreadsheets, you will even be able to handle other complex functions. You will be able to visualize and organize data. With the help of advanced Excel functions, you can find solutions with advanced data applications. Your spreadsheets will be sophisticated, and your equation knowledge will be par excellence.

Conditional formatting is one of the important elements of advanced Excel, and you can format the spreadsheet with the help of various tools. With the help of the advanced functions of Excel, you will be in a good position to integrate it with other applications including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, web etc.

You will be able to convert the raw data into a refined as well as insightful one through advanced Excel functions. You can create better graphs and even three-dimensional charts through this powerhouse software. You can even combine multiple charts into one. And there are the pivot tables which have amazing features,







which you will learn from Advanced Excel classes in Chennai.

You will even be able to create amazing tables. There are some advanced and filtering methods which assist you in better assessment of data. Besides, you can identify trends after getting advanced Excel training.

Macros are one of the important functions of Excel and you will learn it in-depth from RVP Infosystems. Macros quicken your task-performing abilities, and your efficiency is increased. You can build a macro with Excel VBA, and this VBA is the programming language for Microsoft Excel. You can conveniently automate tasks in Excel by using macros. Moreover, you get to know about simulations and solver.

Have a look at our syllabus for Advance Excel

Importance of VBA programming language in Excel

VBA acts as an internal programming language in Excel. VBA assists in performing complex office activities. Sometimes you would be flooded with huge amounts of data, and VBA helps to perform these with ease through spreadsheets. Data reports are presented easily with VBA. You can use VBA to maintain difficult models, estimate sales and earnings etc. You can easily create reports and templates within a short span. You can also easily present the elaborate formula part and show a construable one to those who do not understand the formulas. You can even format and split Excel cells into multiple lists. Automating repetitive and daily tasks is one of the best advantages of using VBA with Excel. Suppose you want to bring solutions to Excel, then VBA is the right choice. You can easily generate emails through Excel data with the help of VBA 

Career scope of Advanced Excel training in Chennai

Learning and becoming an expert in new skills becomes crucial to surviving in the competition. Enhancing your Excel skills puts you in a good position in your present job. Even if you are looking out for new jobs, you can be a cut above the rest. You can save time and complete your functions quickly through advanced Excel skills. Your chances of getting hired in the relevant organization to get increased once you get Advanced Excel training from RVP Infosystems.

Organizations are in the lookout of people with the knowledge of advanced Excel formulas. For example, you will be proficient in SUMIF, INDEX MATCH, IF combined with AND/OR, SUMIF, COUNTIF, CHOOSE, LOOKUP, XNPV and XIRR etc. after getting trained from the advanced Excel coaching in Chennai.

You will also know the application of the formulas in specific instances through our detailed training.

There are several shortcuts in Advanced Excel that will help you to work even on complex functions easily. You will learn all these from the best advanced excel training institute in Chennai.

You will be an achiever in the company once you get advanced Excel training from RVP Infosystems. As an MIS Executive, front office executive, project manager, administrative assistants, financial analysts, businessman, accountant, market research executive, student or any other professional, you can easily apply the gained knowledge. Even teachers can gain from advanced Excel skills.

Most of us are aware of basic Excel skills, but very few of us know about advanced Excel. If you are starting your profession or changing your career or want to upgrade your skills to advanced functions of Excel, then join RVP Infosystems. You can make good decisions through correct results after the training. It will be helpful for you in both your personal and professional life.

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Advanced Excel Course - Overview of the Basics of Excel

  • Customizing common options in Excel

  • Absolute and relative cells

  • Protecting and un-protecting worksheets and cells

  • Advanced Excel Course - Working with Functions

  • Writing conditional expressions (using IF)

  • Using logical functions (AND, OR, NOT)

  • Using lookup and reference functions (VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX)

  • VlookUP with Exact Match, Approximate Match

  • Nested VlookUP with Exact Match

  • VlookUP with Tables, Dynamic Ranges

  • Nested VlookUP with Exact Match

  • Using VLookUP to consolidate Data from Multiple Sheets

Advanced Excel Course - Data Validations

  • Specifying a valid range of values for a cell

  • Specifying a list of valid values for a cell

  • Specifying custom validations based on formula for a cell

  • Advanced Excel Course - Working with Templates

  • Designing the structure of a template

  • Using templates for standardization of worksheets

Advanced Excel Course - Sorting and Filtering Data

  • Sorting tables

  • Using multiple-level sorting

  • Using custom sorting

  • Filtering data for selected view (AutoFilter)

  • Using advanced filter options

Advanced Excel Course - Working with Reports

  • Creating subtotals

  • Multiple-level subtotals

  • Creating Pivot tables

  • Formatting and customizing Pivot tables

  • Using advanced options of Pivot tables

  • Pivot charts

  • Consolidating data from multiple sheets and files using Pivot tables

  • Using external data sources

  • Using data consolidation feature to consolidate data

  • Show Value As ( % of Row, % of Column, Running Total, Compare with Specific Field)

  • Viewing Subtotal under Pivot

  • Creating Slicers ( Version 2010 & Above)

Advanced Excel Course - More Functions

  • Date and time functions

  • Text functions

  • Database functions

  • Power Functions (CountIf, CountIFS, SumIF, SumIfS)

Advanced Excel Course - Formatting

  • Using auto formatting option for worksheets

  • Using conditional formatting option for rows, columns and cells

Advanced Excel Course - WhatIf Analysis

  • Goal Seek

  • Data Tables

  • Scenario Manager

Advanced Excel Course - Charts

  • Using Charts

  • Formatting Charts

  • Using 3D Graphs

  • Using Bar and Line Chart together

  • Using Secondary Axis in Graphs

  • Sharing Charts with PowerPoint / MS Word, Dynamically

  • (Data Modified in Excel, Chart would automatically get updated)

Advanced Excel Course - New Features Of Excel

  • Sparklines, Inline Charts, data Charts

  • Overview of all the new features