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Even after 25 years of its inception, Java is still going strong. Each version of Java comes with great features and enhanced performance. Write once read anywhere is the important aspect of Java, and this makes it a great choice among developers. Big enterprises prefer Java for developing enterprise-scale web applications. The stability and reliability of Java is the key factor for big organizations adopting it.  As an aspiring candidate, you will have great dreams of working in a good organization that extensively uses Java; then Java is the right choice for you.

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  • Java consists of a plethora of libraries, IDEs, and frameworks. There are also great development tools in Java.

  • Some of the top libraries in Java are Apache Common, Google Guava, JAXB, Log4j2.

  • Spring, Hibernate, Grails, Play, Struts are some of the popular frameworks in Java.

  • The powerful IDEs including Net beans and Eclipse are used to write elaborate and good Java code.

  • Java also has a dynamic set of APIs. The programmers can make use of a multitude of Java APIs to handle the enhancement activities.

  • Nowadays, Java’s presence is felt in the Android development field too. There are several Android users in the current world. And Java developers can work with Android development to satisfy the needs of the user.


Career scope of Java

Java is a powerful language the importance of which is understood by the organizations to a great extent. Nowadays, once you learn Java you can get into designations including AWS developers, Android developers, Angular JS developers, Core Java developer, Java EE developer, Java web developer, programming analyst, software engineer, Android developer etc. Whether it is developing mobile/web-oriented applications or games Java is the preferred language.

Future scope of Java

Java still shows a good picture of being used by a number of developers and organizations throughout the world. Java 15 was recently announced which brings in new features to enhance developer productivity and security. The simplicity and platform-independent nature of Java make it a great choice among developers. Besides, it has amazing features including stack provisioning, garbage collection etc. Its use is also felt in big data technology. Hadoop and Spark are Java-oriented frameworks; while the former is used by organizations to store the huge sum of data, the latter is used in predictive analytics etc. Java is also used in back end development, and the wide ecosystem makes the back end development less time-consuming.

Object-oriented programming concepts are important in Java, and one should understand them well in order to succeed in a job. Many developers can code a simple program, but the key lies in writing a code that lasts for a lifetime, keeping in mind object-oriented programming.

Java has a relatively simple learning curve, and hence it is popular among beginners. It has good performance and has the ability to offer high processing speed for both desktop and mobile interfaces. Several companies are using Java for their work. Hence, Java is an evergreen language that provides lots of career opportunities to the aspiring candidate. Besides, it is a much sought-after language for the Internet of Things. And not to miss artificial intelligence, which is one of the hottest technologies nowadays. Java is being applied in machine learning, search algorithms etc. Big data and cloud computing are other key areas in which Java is being used.

Java programs pdf

You can find the Example java programs below link

Java Programs

Prerequisites for learning Java

Apart from the fundamental knowledge of computers, one should have basic knowledge about the concepts of programming including variables, functions, loops etc. Then good knowledge of object-oriented programming will be an added advantage.

Use any Java Online compiler to practice without any installation.

or else you can download java JDK from the official site use our java programs example and practice like java tutorial

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Many students who wish to learn Java comprehensively want to go to the best institute. RVP Infosystems is a great institute for learning Java. We offer personalized training and even look into the requirements of freshers and experienced working professionals in a specialized manner. We have a broad spectrum of Java courses, and we teach both Core Java and Advanced Java through expert trainers. To put it in a nutshell, at RVP Infosystems, we teach you the fundamentals of Java and then take you through the advanced concepts. You will also learn how Java is useful in the modern world. Sufficient placement support is given to the candidates, and we even hone their life skills.

There is no denying that Java has sustaining power and has achieved a lot with regard to efficiency and reliability. If you want to learn Java from an institute that places special emphasis on placement, then join RVP Infosystems. You will get adequate practical experience and also strive to develop your technical expertise so that you can shine in the corporate world. If you haven’t yet carved your niche in your profession then it's time that you call us for a quick demo session.





  • Why Java

  • Paradigms

  • Diff B/W Java & Other (C,C++)

  • Java History

  • Java Features

  • Java programming format

  • Java Statements

  • Java Data Types


OOPS (Object Oriented Programming & Systems)

  • Introduction

  • Object

  • Constructors

  • This Key Word

  • Inheritance

  • Super Key Word

  • Polymorphism (Over Loading & Over Riding)

  • Abstraction

  • Interface

  • Encapsulation

  • Introduction to all predefined packages

  • User Defined Packages

  • Access Specifiers


STRING Manipulation:

  • String

  • String Buffer



  • What is Array

  • Single Dimensional Array

  • Multi Dimensional Array

  • Sorting of Arrays


Wrapper Classes

  • Introduction

  • Byte, Short, Integer, Long, Float, Double, Character

  • Boolean classes


Inner Classes:

  • Introduction

  • Member Inner Class

  • Static Inner Class

  • Local Inner Class

  • Anonymous Inner Class


Collection Frame Work:

  • Introduction

  • Util Package interfaces, List, Set, Map

  • List Interface 7 Its Classes

  • Set Interface & Its Classes

  • Map Interface & Is Classes



  • Introduction

  • Components

  • Event-Delegation-Model

  • Listeners

  • Layouts

  • Individual Components Lable, Button, Check Box, Radio Button,

  • Choice, List, Menu, Text Field, Text Area



  • Introduction Diff B/W AWT and SWING

  • Components hierarchy

  • Panes

  • Individual Swings components J Label

  • JButton, JTextField, JTextAres