Experience the Power of Data Science through RVP Infosystems

Organizations are slowly beginning to understand the importance of data science. Businesses work on complex data meticulously and come up with various benefits. For this, we need individuals who can gather, assess, and work on data. These people are called data scientists, and the domain of data science is turning out to be much in demand nowadays. These data scientists use information in innovative ways by using various tools; so the key is data sets were already present earlier but the way of implementing them is new. RVP Infosystems has studied the significance of data science in the current scenario and has prepared a well-framed syllabus that is taught by experts in the field.

As an aspiring data scientist, you would know that there is a huge amount of data being generated per day. And so the heartening news is that data scientists are also much in demand. The science of data is a comprehensive subject and hence one needs to select a good training institute for best data science training in Chennai. This is where RVG Infosystems comes into the picture.


Scope of data science

Business analytics needs data science more than ever, and the progress in data science has only helped this interesting field to crunch big sets of data. After all, the value of a business lies in generating insights that are having data as the major force behind them. The exploring and assessing part of data is very crucial and several companies want well-trained individuals to determine what has taken place in the past and accordingly foresee the future. RVP Infosystems, which is working on a mission to fulfill the career ambitions of students, ensures that students learn the ins and outs of data science.


Career opportunities in data science

Data science is a field of promise and there is a plethora of career opportunities for those who want to take up data science as their life-long career. Data are increasing day by day, and organizations have to make the best use of it. For this, they need well-trained professionals. RVP Infosystems has also foreseen the importance of data scientists since honing the skills of proficient individuals give immense satisfaction to us. We have introduced a well-prepared data science course in Chennai.

You can take up the role of data architect, data analyst, data engineer. data manager, statistician, business intelligence professional, etc. after getting good training from us. We know your interest in making a mark in your career and hence have also prepared the appropriate practices for interview preparation. We just focus not only on theory but also on practicals so that you get a comprehensive understanding of data science. For data science to be executed, you need certain tools. We also train you on the in-demand tools. The fees are reasonable. You will have a grasp of both basic and advanced concepts of data science through our carefully crafted course.


Why RVP Infosystems?

RVP infosystems guide you thoroughly until you are placed in a good organization. We sharpen your skills and prepare you for a job in the corporate world. We know that as a training institute we should not just provide subject-level training. Beyond that, we should prepare you thoroughly for entry into the corporate world. We have also analyzed the challenges of the changing times, especially caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and are helping in upskilling the freshers who want to have a bright career in data science. Sustaining in a job is crucial during these times of uncertainty and hence RVG Infosystems molds our students into top-notch professionals.

Prerequisites for data science training

You need to have a fair knowledge of mathematics, any programming language, and statistics to enroll for a course in data science in RVP Infosystems. We remove any apprehensions you have regarding a career in data science and also explain why reasonable knowledge of data science is needed for another in-demand field, artificial intelligence.


The data scientists can give a lot of value to data and hence eliminate the preconceived notion that handling data is always boring. Data science tools come as a real help to the data scientists because they cannot do anything with the raw data. RVP Infosystems gives in-depth training in the tools too and gives comprehensive data science training in Chennai for both freshers and experienced professionals. Be ready to take on the most coveted job in the industry after training from RVP Infosystems!

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  • pandas

  • numpy

  • scipy

  • matplotlib


Python Data Processing

  • Python Data Operations

  • Python Data cleansing

  • Python Processing CSV Data

  • Python Processing JSON Data

  • Python Processing XLS Data

  • Python Relational databases

  • Python NoSQL Databases

  • Python Date and Time

  • Python Data Wrangling

  • Python Data Aggregation

  • Python Reading HTML Pages

  • Python Processing Unstructured Data

  • Python word tokenization

  • Python Stemming and Lemmatization


Python Data Visualization

  • Python Chart Properties

  • Python Chart Styling

  • Python Box Plots

  • Python Heat Maps

  • Python Scatter Plots

  • Python Bubble Charts

  • Python 3D Charts

  • Python Time Series

  • Python Geographical Data

  • Python Graph Data


Statistical Data Analysis

  • Python Measuring Central Tendency

  • Python Measuring Variance

  • Python Normal Distribution

  • Python Binomial Distribution

  • Python Poisson Distribution

  • Python Bernoulli Distribution

  • Python P-Value

  • Python Correlation

  • Python Chi-square Test

  • Python Linear Regression