It’s not only about reading and writing; it’s also about the sound

Have you ever felt that your child should be good at pronunciation? Your child might be well-versed in written English and spoken English but might be lacking in this one essential aspect of communication. At RVP Infosystems, we understand that good phonetics and phonics instruction is essential for your kid since the grasp of the association between letter and sound will go a long way in developing the writing and reading abilities of your child.


Phonetics and phonics

While phonetics is a portion of linguistics that analyzes how humans deal with sounds, phonics is a way of teaching and writing. At RVP Infosystems, we give you a basic understanding of phonetics and then go to its simplified form, phonics. We ensure that the children involve their multiple senses, and hence the activities are designed according to that. We give stories and cartoons so that it helps children grasp the way words are used. Reading out loud is the key to good learning by the student, and we take sufficient care of that. We structure the classes according to the age group of children and make them experts in pronunciation. We also encourage the parents to reinforce the knowledge that the child gains from us. We do letter-by-letter analysis to make the children expert in reading and pronunciation.


Child-friendly classes

The child will engage his/her sensory power while learning from us The child can get to know the alphabet through cartoons, songs, etc. The child will gain the ability to read books that are suitable for his/her age. Pronunciation can be a bit tricky, and the child can make out the sounds in a word and then spell it.  

We make children understand how to make out letters and find the sound behind it. This will help them in learning those words that they are not accustomed to. While the knowledge about a word is something different concerning spoken form, gaining the knowledge between the letter and sound will help the child a lot. It is a good choice to learn at RVP Infosystems because we have realized that a child can develop decoding ability immensely at the early stages of his/her life. We will assess whether the child has phonological identification skills and thus help them to decode the letter and sound factor. There should be phonological awareness in the child and he/she must know the intricacies of speech sound and syllabus. Phonetics and phonics are interrelated to each other and at RVP Infosystems, we make the child understand this dependency.

Why RVP Infosystems?

The training at RPG Infosystems will be the gateway to the academic success of the child. Our well-framed syllabus is prepared meticulously and is taught in a child-friendly atmosphere. We aim to make the child get the best learning experience, and hence we strive to teach them all about phonetics and phonics. We provide enough scope for the children to play with sounds and language. We provide shared reading exercises, letter games, etc., to enhance the knowledge of the kid.

Inspiring children to be confident

The language of sound is a neglected aspect in comparison to written and spoken English training. Hence RVP Infosystems has studied its significance and gives efficient training to the children so that they become competent in pronunciation and pronounce with confidence. If the child has the right mindset, then grasping the fundamentals of sound is a simple thing. We help the child to pronounce various words correctly through our practical sessions. We take the child on the journey of learning the importance of this neglected aspect so that he/she is inimitable when it comes to pronunciation. The youngster can pronounce a specific word by himself/herself once he/she gains knowledge of the basics of phonetics and phonics.

The child will get to know the sounds that each letter from A to Z makes and will also understand how a change in the letter order completely gives transformation to a word’s meaning. Rhyme also plays a major role in linguistics. This will be taught through interesting scenarios for the child. We engage in fun visuals to make the children understand the importance of this linguistic element. We try to give you in-depth pronunciation teaching and help you better understand the difference between phonetics, phonics, and phonology.

Imparting the significance of the association between letters and sounds is an essential part of children aged between 5-15 years.  If you want your child to shine in the crowd and be an efficient communicator by even gaining the right pronunciation knowledge, then contact RVP Infosystems today.