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One thing you need to know when you want to apply for a job in the technical domain is to learn how to ace it. Taking a baby step towards understanding how to crack an interview, we’ll learn how to write an impressive Selenium resume. In this Selenium Resume article, you’ll understand why Selenium testing has great career opportunities.

Selenium Resume: Who is an Automation Test Engineer?

When an application or software is developed, it needs to be tested to see whether it gives the desired output or not. There are different ways to test an application. A person could manually test the application by giving inputs, checking the output and reporting it, or he could automate this process by executing a script.

An Automation Tester is a person who writes the script to test the correctness of the application.

Test Automation involves creating and applying technologies that control or monitor production and timely delivery of software products. Automated testing helps in reducing the time consumed to perform tedious tasks.

The duty of a test automation engineer includes designing, programming, simulating and deploying effective test automation solutions. The main objective of a test automation engineer is to automate as much of the testing as possible with a minimum set of code or scripts.

An automation Tester designs the test cases by creating scripts that check the functionalities automatically. Automated testing entirely relies on the pre-scripted test which runs automatically to compare actual result with the expected results. Therefore, an Automation tester plays a superior role in making the application defect free.

Job Description of an Automation Test Engineer

The simplest way to start building a Test Automation resume is by looking at the job description. This is the job description of one of the top companies Square root where you will find Selenium as one of the must-know tools.

This job description may vary based on the organization’s requirement. Now, let’s see the roles and responsibilities of an automation tester.

Roles & Responsibilities of an Automation Test Engineer

To be a successful automation tester, you need to know what you are intended to do. I have tried pointing out the major roles and responsibilities of an automation test Engineer:

  • Investigate the problems in the software

  • Identify & resolve all the bugs in the system

  • To define the test strategies

  • Designing and writing the test automation scripts

  • To develop, design test strategies for functional, non-functional and performance testing

  • To process, implement and monitor testing

  • To ensure the timely delivery of various testing milestones

  • Self-development skills to keep up to date with the trends

An automation tester is not limited to these responsibilities, it might vary according to the job requirements.

Now that you guys have got a clear idea about the roles and the responsibilities of an automation tester, we’ll see the skills one must possess in order to become a prominent tester.

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