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Best software testing training in Chennai

Any product should be tested initially for bugs and failures before its release. Software testing is a very crucial process in product development. In the past few years, there has been commendable progress in the software testing field. There has been an emergence of new technologies that help to bring a whole new dimension to the entire software development life cycle. There are certain important trends now that are making a great impact on software testing. All these have not missed the attention of RVP Infosystems who strive to fulfill the career aspirations of students.

Manual and automation testing

A business which is always on the move will always try to reduce the testing efforts and that too in a cost-effective manner. The key lies in leveraging the benefits of automation testing, without being dependent only on manual testing. RVP infosystems fills this gap and molds you into a proficient automation tester. You need to invest reasonable time in automating test cases but it will be easy once you have automated the entire tests. Automation testing removes the errors that are prone to happen when done through manual testing and when you are performing the same action multiple times.

We also understand that manual testing has its advantages like cost affordability in the short term and the advantage of the human intuition and logical reasoning not being replaced by automation testing, Yes there is no denying that human brain cannot be replaced. Lot of great exploration and testing can be done by a manual tester besides forecasting defects. We are cognizant of this and hence have framed a well-structured course wherein you can learn the essentials of both manual and automation testing. We all impart knowledge on exploratory testing, which involves the testers gaining more knowledge about the application including those areas that need more cases and also the blocks in testing. The test cases are implemented manually by an individual without being dependent on tools.

Performance testing

You will not like a scenario where your website crashes. Performance testing assists in checking how the applications perform in various scenarios. The success of today’s businesses majorly relies on the performance of the web and mobile applications, on which they thrive. These applications should perform well under changing loads. At RVP Infosystems, we understand the criticality of your web and mobile applications and hence impart performance testing training in a well-versed manner.

Software testing is challenging

Software testing is about viewing a product from various dimensions and hence executing it accordingly. It is a challenging job and one needs to have a keen eye for detail for it. At RVP Infosystems, we have analyzed the current trends of software testing and hence have developed a well-defined course. Once the candidate joins an organization as a software tester, he/she will get immense satisfaction because he/she is contributing to the quality of the product.


Scope of software testing 

When you want to execute a product flawlessly, then testing makes a great difference to it by contributing to its betterment. Nowadays, organizations are realizing the significance of testing to a great extent. Quality is the buzzword more than ever and businesses need to have a topnotch product implemented.

Now the good news for a fresher who has just passed out of college and wishes to pursue a career in testing is that they needn't work on a monotonous schedule. There are vast changes in the profile of a software tester. The demand for SOA testers, API testers, is on the rise. Companies are looking for these testers besides automation and performance testers. The tester should take care of all the fundamentals of any future software failure, and here API testing can show the problems with your API, server and other elated aspects. RVP Infosystems has also thoroughly studied the importance of API testing in the current scenario.


Prerequisites for software testing

Good analytical skills, fair knowledge of software development life cycle, documentation skills and reasonable knowledge of testing tools is all you have to possess when enrolling for a software testing course at RVP Infosystems. We ensure that you gain all the expertise needed to turn into a proficient software tester.


Why RVP Infosystems?

The key is that any software development lifecycle process must go through the testing process. In this way, the development team can have a clear picture of the software, after its defects have been tested. RVP Infosystems teach you right from the fundamentals of testing, and our trainers mold you into well-versed testing professionals. We focus on your career and hence have designed a career-oriented course. We give equal importance to both theory and practicals. The satisfaction and the progress of the student are of utmost importance to us, and hence we even provide personalized one-to-one training. The course fee is affordable, and there is a dedicated demo session for the course. You will get a clear idea of what the course is all about once you attend the demo session. Join RVP infosystems if you want to shine in the world of software testing.



  •  Introduction of software Testing 

  •  SDLC & STLC 

  •  Levels of Testing 

  •  WaterfallModel,Vmodel& Prototypemodel

  •  Spiral model & Agile model 

  •  Methodologies & Principles 

  •  Test Design Techniques 

  •  Test Scenarios 

  •  Testcase 

  •  Defect Management 

  •  Bug life Cycle 

  •  Software Test Estimation 

  •  Metrics 

  •  Bug Tracking 

  •  RTM 


  •  Introduction to Automation Testing 

  •  Introduction to Selenium

  •  Selenium 3 & Gecko driver

  •  Object locators / Identification

  •  Develop simple script in Eclipse Using java 

  •  Detailed about xpath and css Selector locators

  •  Dropdown,RadioButton, 

  •  CheckBox 

  •  Waits in Selenium 

  •  Handling Frames, and Alerts 

  •  Handling mouse over actions

  •  Find All/Broken links using Selenium 

  •  Screenshot using Webdriver


  • Introduction about TestNG framework

  • Configure TestNG into Eclipse 

  • TestNG Annotations 

  • Before & After Method, Grouping 

  • Priority, Test Suite in TestNG

  • Parameterization in TestNG 

  • Assert & Verify 

  • IDE Overview 

  • Explanation of Framework