The importance of website development in this present digital era


The Internet has become an integral part of our lives, and its comfort factor and ease of access pull us towards it. You have to have a really strong online presence for your voice to reach people. There is no denying that website development is essential for your business. Your brand is your identity, and people need to know about it. At RVP Infosystems, we know the importance of developing a website for your business. We understand that every business is endeavoring to shine in the competition and hence, whether you are a startup or an established business, we develop websites that are dynamic and attractive.

If you have already decided to invest in website development, then contacting RVP Infosystems will help you to have an edge over others. We have to accept that everything now is shifting to the digital platform and every company needs to have a website of its own. At RVP Infosystems, we teach you how to code dynamic web pages through languages like Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML., etc.












Why RVP Infosystems?


In this digital era, a business that has a good website and good reach is considered more stable compared to a business that doesn’t have one. RVP Infosystems concentrates on building responsive websites. By responsive, we mean websites that function well both on mobile and web.

Web development comprises a range of activities including web designing, network security configuration, etc. At RVP Infosystems, we will teach you how to create dynamic web pages. . We teach you the required libraries and frameworks that are related to the specific languages for website development. We also impart knowledge of the necessary tools for website development. We will have a discussion with you regarding your interest in frontend or backend development too. Once you complete learning web designing and development from RVP Infosystems, you have to keep abreast of the emerging trends in the same. That said, our training will provide you the launchpad for a perfect career in web development.


When you have a website of your own, your credibility is increased. Besides, the audience from any part of the world can access it. If you are wondering about comprehensive website development, then RVP Infosystems can do that for you with top-notch quality. RVP Infosystems creates a professional website for you, which is considered as your online home. You can reach out to more people through your website and get increased traffic. You want to create a good first impression, and for that selecting RVP Infosystems will be the right choice.


Career prospects of website development

You can explore a lot in a website development career. You can work as both a full-time employee and freelancer after learning web development. As a web developer, you have the freedom to get deep into web designing and development and then use the tools and frameworks to find a good solution to the problem. At RVP Infosystems, we impart your knowledge regarding the tools for web development so that you can use the appropriate tool in your specific project.

What does a web developer do?


There are a lot of things in a web development job other than writing codes. You should be diligent and have a keen eye for detail so that you can know whether the website that you created is efficient. You should plan a good website development strategy, set out a good design, build the website, and finally test it. In your role of a front end developer or backend developer or a full stack developer or a UI/UX designer, you need to pay careful attention to detail besides programming skills.


Scope of website development


There is the emergence of new programming languages and techniques, and as a result, the web development domain is also growing at a fast pace. Companies need proficient web developers who can create and maintain their websites. You needn’t worry about the demand for web developers in the current digital era. You can implement whatever you have learned, besides updating your skills.


A web developer should be good in programming skills and have a keen eye for detail. After you have completed training from RVP Infosystems, you can embark on database mobile application development, cybersecurity, etc. Our structured approach to teaching will let you shine in the web development career.


The COVID-19 pandemic had also made several businesses think about online presence more than ever. So the key is if you want to survive in the industry, then a good website is all you need. With UX (user experience) also gaining popularity over time, you should see that your website design, content, and navigation are all good. For website design and development, contact RVP Infosystems today for a demo session.


Web Designing Syllabus


What is Web Design 

● Introduction to Web Design 

● Domain Names & DNS 

● Client and Server Software. 

● Static& Dynamic 

● Careers in Web Technologies




● Structure of HTML 

● Basic HTML Tags 

● Advanced HTML Tags 

● Difference between HTML & DHTML

● DHTML Basic tags 

● Introduction to Doc Types 

● Creating Simple HTML Pages


Cascading Style Sheets 

● Introduction to CSS 

● Types of style sheets 

● Types of CSS Selectors 

● Complete CSS properties 

● Converting Table layout to CSS

● Custom CSS Layout Design 

● Creating simple and dropdown menus

● Creating Appealing forms using CSS

● CSS Tips and Tricks with Hacks 

Java Script 

● Client and Server side scripting

● Introduction to Java Scripting 

● Types of Java Scripts 

● Variables, operators, loops 

● Objects, Events and DOM 

● Common java script functions 

● Using Java script in Dreamweaver

● Java Script Validations 

● Implementing Menus, Galleries etc

● Introduction to Ajax 

● Real time Ajax Examples 

How to Create Website 

● Client Requirements/Specifications

● Creating a concept and layout 

● Choosing a Color Scheme

● Choosing Stock Photography 

● Texture and Typography 

● Design a Professional Layout 

● Conversation of PSD to CSS 

● Implementing JavaScript. 

How to Create Website 

● Client Requirements/Specifications 

● Creating a concept and layout 

● Choosing a Color Scheme 

● Choosing Stock Photography 

● Texture and Typography 

● Design a Professional Layout 

● Conversation of PSD to CSS 

● Implementing JavaScript. 


● Introduction to JavaScript Java Script and HTML

● JavaScript Statement 

● Write & Writeln 

● Values & Variables 

● Literals & Comments 

● Expression in JavaScript Operators 

● Conditional Statements 

● Loop Statements 

● Object Object Model 

● Functions in JavaScript Navigator 

● Object Hierarchy 

● JavaScript Reflection 

● Window & Frame Object 

● Document & Form Object 

● Location& History Object 

● Working with Windows & Frames 

● Working with MIME Types | Playing Sounds

CSS Cascading Style Sheets 

● Introduction to CSS 

● Containment in HTML 

● Grouping & Inheritance 

● Class as Selector 

● lD & Contextual 

● Selectors Comments 

● Pseudo 

● Classes Pseudo 

● Elements

● Cascading Order 

● Formatting Model 

● List item elements 

● Floating & Inline elements 

● Notation for Property Values Font Properties Color & Background Properties

● Text Properties 

● Box Properties 

● Classification properties Units & URL 

Document Object Model (DOM): 

● Basics of DOM 

● DOM Hierarchy 

● DOM Methods 

● Functions 

● Form Collection 

● Table Collections 

● Inner HTML 

● Nodes & Child Nodes 

● DOM with HTML & CSS.Basics of AJAX 

● Using XML HTTP Request object 

● AJAX with XML 

● AJAX with PHP 

● AJAX with MYSQL 

● Model View Controller Architecture 



● Extensible Markup Language 

● DTD to define XML Documents 

● XML Documents and validating them against a DTD 

● XSL to transform XML Documents and Presenting the Data in a Web Browser

● XML Document Object Model 

● Active Server Pages with XML 

● XML in SOAP 


● PHP Configuration 

● PHP Configuration parameters 

● PHP data types 

● Resources in PHP Portability / Compatibility issues 

● Managing Date,Time and Calendar functions 

● Scope of variables and functions 

● Dynamic Function Calls Parsing variable arguments in functions

● Predefined PHP functions 

● Predefined PHP 

● Variables and constants

● Overview on XML 

● Validating and Non validating 

● XML 

● DTD/XSD/Relax 

● Understanding 

● Namespaces an overview of XPath 

● Parsing XML in PHP Using the Simple XML Parser 

● An overview of W3C DOM 

● PHP Database Connectors and API 

● An overview on native Database connectors 

● Database abstraction libraries 


● MYSQL Databases with PHP 

● MYSQL vs MYSQL extensions 

● Managing MYSQL database with MYSQL extensions 

● Handling Duplicates Performing Transaction using Stored Routines Triggers & Events

● Backup MYSQL Database 

● Introduction to MySQL on the Web 

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